Welcome! For over 27 years we have specialized in  industrial real estate in the Phoenix Metrolplex. 

Our Market has changed over the last few years and finally we seem to have a floor upon we which can build 
stability back into the Phoenix Area Market. Arizona's pro-business climate the new willingness for local municipalities to work with investors and users of industrial real estate has begun to build momentum for our clients.

Our success over the last 27 years has been built on one idea; Providing our clients with "Successful Transactions."

We define a "Successful Transaction" as a real estate transaction that forwards the actions of our client's business or investment in the sale, purchase or lease of industrial real estate. And of course providing value 
along the way.

We take pride in that during the recent economic downturn not one of our clients properties fell into the foreclosure black hole. 

Well, that's it give us call and let us know how we can help you  with your needs in Phoenix Area real estate.

Sam Sorensen - Sorensen and Black Inc. 
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Samuel H. Sorensen 
Broker- Sorensen and Black